Welcome to Finland!

We offer you a great chance to experience Finland with all of its significant nature and air. Finland is known for its thousands of lakes and clear nature. During summer you can enjoy the midnight sun by the sea or lake and listen to the tranquility of nature. During winter you can experience immense and memorable Northern Lights by the clear snow. If you want to experience something special during the winter, you should try the arctic cabin where you can learn about the Northern Lights phenomenon.

For animal and photography enthusiastics we can arrange for example a change to have photos taken of bears frolicking or a trip to archipelago for bird watching.

For business people we can arrange meetings and personal features. If you’re interested in shopping we can help you find pleasant presents and supplies. Our intention is to advance international constructive business. We are advancing the progress of finding potential business partners in Finland.

From our website you will find diverse information so that you can hopefully experience memorable vacation or business trip in Finland. Essential thing is how to spend time in Finland and what sights and places interest you. When you contact us about the possibility of travelling to Finland we will provide you all the necessary information.